1.  The first section below contains forms that must be completed and submitted electronically.  Click below on the form that you need. Save the form on your local computer.  Open the form from the locally saved version.  Use your tab key to navigate between the fields on the form, and enter the information requested. Save the form with a new name after you fill it out.  This will keep the original intact for future use, and retain a copy of your completed form for your records. Finally, send an email with the completed form as an attachment.

2.  Forms in the lower section must be printed, completed by hand, and submitted through inter-office mail. 


Forms to be Completed on Google Docs:

                     * Student Contact Recommendation Form
                     * Columbia-Suicide Severity Rating
                     * Self-Harm/Suicide Risk Assessment Report
                     * Child Abuse Reporting
                     * Crisis Response Teams
                     * Incident Report LD 1370

 Forms to be Completed on Google Forms:



Open Enrollment Fiscal Year 2020-2021:

                             (click here for fillable pdf version)


Book Study Application.doc88 KB
ESEA ONLY (Titles IA, IIA, V) Conference-Workshop-ProfLeave.doc118 KB
Conference-Workshop-ProfLeave Request.doc128.5 KB
Course Approval Request.doc89.5 KB
Homeless Student Identification Information Form-Feb20.docx21.97 KB
Personnel Change - New Hire 8-13.doc73.5 KB
Reimbursement of Employee Expense-Oct20.doc58.5 KB
RSU 13 Service MOA Rev 11-19.docx40.33 KB
RSU 13 Service Provider Contract.doc177.5 KB
Title 1A Requisition FY 19.doc191 KB
Work Beyond Contract School-Based.doc177 KB
Advanced Education Application.doc23.5 KB
Budget Request Form.xls34 KB
Certificate - Marzano.doc672 KB
Certificate Request Instructions.pdf205.76 KB
Certificate Request-Additional Insured.docx100.79 KB
Certificate Request-Evidence of Property Coverage.doc242.5 KB
Check Location Change.doc25.5 KB
Child Abuse Reporting Form 4-30-18.pdf124.41 KB
Expense Reimbursement Procedures.doc25.5 KB
Highly Qualified Teacher Verification Form.doc52.5 KB
Homeless Students(s)-Dispute Resolution.docx15.83 KB
Homeless - Dispute Resolution.docx18.79 KB
Leave Request-rev Sep 2016.doc40.5 KB
Mileage Reimb Form.xls36.5 KB
Name Address Phone Change.doc25.5 KB
Payroll Deduction.doc23.5 KB
Payroll Electronic Direct Deposit Authorization.doc31 KB
Payroll Electronic Direct Deposit Deletion-Change.doc28 KB
403(b) Plan Salary Reduction Agreement.doc24 KB
Reimbursement Request.docx15.99 KB
Request for Student Travel Form (Board Approval).pdf424.76 KB
Request for Special Transportation-Oct19.doc28 KB
Time Sheet - hourly-e 2014 .xls46 KB
Volunteer Driving Agreement.doc27 KB
PLCSS Certification Handbook.doc82.5 KB
Professional Renewal Plan/PRP.doc36.5 KB
Professional Renewal Plan Worksheet.doc49.5 KB
Contact Hour Certificate for Independent Professional Development.doc49 KB
Time Sheet - hourly 2017.numbers718.43 KB
Annualized Pay-2020.pdf338.3 KB