Minutes of May 4, 2009

Rockland, Maine

May 4, 2009    

A special meeting of the RSU #13 Board of Directors was held on Monday, May 4, 2009 in the Conference Room of the McLain Building.  Present were:

                                    Ruth Anne Hohfeld, Chair                  South Thomaston

                                    Brian Messing, Vice-Chair                  Rockland

                                    Loren Andrews                                                    Cushing (Arrived at 6:15PM)

                                    Sally Carleton                                                      Owls Head

                                    Jamie Doubleday                                    Thomaston

                                    Steven Dyer                                                      Rockland

                                    George Emery                                                      St. George

                                    Greg Hamlin                                                      Thomaston

                                    James Kalloch                                                      Rockland (Arrived at 6:05PM)

                                    Esther Kilgour                                                      Rockland

                                    Julie Sanborn                                                      Thomaston

                                    Josiah Wilson                                                      St. George

                                    Patricia Wotton                                                      Rockland


Chairman called the meeting to order at 6:00PM.

 It was moved by Patricia Wotton and seconded by Greg Hamlin that the Board go into executive session for the purposes outlined in 1 MRSA, Sub-section 405 (D).  11 FOR (852) 2 ABSENT (147). VOTED.


Into executive session at 6:02PM.  Out of executive session at 8:13PM.


It was moved by Esther Kilgour and seconded by Josiah Wilson that the meeting be adjourned.

13 FOR (999).  VOTED.


Meeting adjourned at 8:14PM.