Budget Meeting of April 26, 2010

Special RSU 13 Board Meeting Minutes

Monday, 4/26/10

The meeting was called to order at 5:30 pm by Vice Chair Jamie Doubleday. 

Board members present: Jamie Doubleday, Loren Andrews, Steven Dyer, George Emery, Gregory Hamlin, James Kalloch, Esther Kilgour, Brian Messing, Julie Sanborn Josiah Wilson, Patricia Moran-Wotton, Sally Carleton

Absent excused: Ruth Anne Hohfeld

Moved by Tess Kilgour, seconded by Steve Dyer to go into executive session in accordance with §405.6.E.  Motion carried unanimously

Entered executive session at 5:31 pm.

Returned to public session at 5:56 pm.  Regular agenda was addressed at 6 pm.

1.      The Pledge to the flag was conducted.

2.      Moved by Loren Andrews, seconded by Steve Dyer to approve moving the awarding of scholarships at Rockland District High School to a time separate from graduation.  Motion carried 846 in favor, 72 (Wilson) in opposition, 81 (Hohfeld) absent.

3.      Moved by Tess Kilgour, seconded by Sally Carleton to approve the Destination Imagination Team from OHCS, Team Bugaboo, to travel to Tennessee for global competition in May.  Motion carried unanimously.

4.      Budget Informational Meeting: 

§  The Superintendent explained the documents provided, which included a list of changes in the budget, a second draft budget, and a revised summary budget.  A teacher and contracted services were added to the budget to serve the five additional high school special education students currently in the Janus Program, and changes were made by advanced purchases or elimination of items to cover these costs.

§  Don Choquette spoke in support of the reduced budget but expressed concerns that transportation has increased and with the process of contract negotiations.

§  There was board discussion of any remaining concerns about the proposed budget

Moved by Loren Andrews, seconded by Patti Moran Wotton that the Curriculum Director or Special Programs Director report regularly to the Curriculum Committee on spending in account 100-2900-1000-52540-99 and request additional funds if needed.  Motion carried 846 in favor, 72 (Wilson) in opposition, 81 (Hohfeld) absent.

5.      Preliminary Budget Approval

Moved by Tess Kilgour, seconded by Greg Hamlin to provide preliminary approval to the budget as presented by the Superintendent.  Motion carried 846 in favor, 72 (Wilson) in opposition, 81 (Hohfeld) absent.

The Superintendent distributed the list of changes to be made in the expenditure budget to remove federal ARRA funds from the revenue budget.  These will be completed before the Board approved the budget and warrants at the May 6 Board meeting.

Moved by Brian Messing, seconded by Josiah Wilson to adjourn the meeting.  Motion carried unanimously.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:15 pm.







                                    Dr. Judith M. Lucarelli, Secretary/RSU #13 Board of Directors